Mosets Tree Administrator Menu Item Hidden

We recently had a client who came to us wanting a Joomla migration from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. Things were going smoothly (after a number of failed attempts using jUpgrade) until we installed Mosets Tree. The installation process was a success but the 'Mosets Tree' menu item didn't display within the 'Components' menu. We started looking within PHPMyAdmin, comparing components that we could see within the 'components' menu but with no avail.

We could still browse and the Mosets Tree component would load successfully.

Confused that the component would load by going to the URL but the menu item wasn't visible within the 'Components' menu we decided to go to Google to see if any one else had the same issue, mainly how to resolve it but again, to no avail. The Mosets Tree forum didn't give any suggestions either.

We were puzzled that no one else had seem this issue so we began looking into the component's '.xml' file to see if the component sets a menu item, it did.

While looking at the current extensions that we had installed we spotted only one other extension that included programming for Mosets Tree. Xmap.

The 'Xmap - Mosets Tree Plugin' plugin was disabled (by default new plugins are disabled), we decided to enable the Xmap plugin and that solved the issue. To double check that it was the Xmap plugin that caused the problem we disabled it again, the menu item was gone.

To solve the Mosets Tree administrator menu display issue with Xmap installed
While logged in to the administrator area of your site go to 'Extensions' -> 'Plugin Manager' and search for 'Xmap'. Within the results you should see that the 'Xmap - Mosets Tree Plugin' is disabled, just enable the plugin and you will see the 'Mosets Tree' menu item within the 'Components' menu.