Joomla Hosting Services And Packages

We have a vast array of hosting packages available for all sizes of website. Our hosting packages for small to large business where either their website is their primary money earner or their site receives high amounts of traffic from past, present and potentially future clients.

We understand that you need your website to be accessible and reliable all year round.

We have hosting packages for small business that are just starting to full Dedicated Servers for the more established businesses that receive high amounts of traffic.

All our Dedicated Server packages and High Capacity Hosting packages are fully managed by Web Development Consultancy. We look after the server ourselves taking the learning curve away from you and your company so you are able to concentrate on your website and clients.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Managed Dedicated Servers offer outstanding performance for even the most demanding of websites with the latest Intel & Dell technology combining unparalleled server specification, bandwidth and service with a low monthly fee.

  • We only install the necessary Apache modules needed
  • No shared resources - you have the whole server to yourself
  • We take the learning curve away from you or your company
  • And more...

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Managed High Capacity Hosting

This services is aimed at clients who are considering a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server as their website has become too demanding for standard hosting. This service allows the benefit of high capacity but helps your organisation by saving you the massive learning curve associated with becoming your own server administrator.

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Standard Shared Hosting

We offer a wide range of Shared Hosting packages. This service is mainly for start-up businesses who want to get an online presence.

We do not offer any management services within our Standard Shared Hosting packages. Our Standard Shared Hosting packages are configured one way and one way only, the best way to optimise the servers utilities while hosting multiple accounts.

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