Expert Joomla Support

Web Development Consultancy Ltd offer three Joomla support services to clients all around the world. Whatever your Joomla support requirements we can confident we can meet your needs and help you move your website forward. Support is offered through three types of package:

  • Retained Joomla Support Contract
  • Prepaid Block Of Joomla Support Hours
  • Pay Per Incident Support - Pay as you go ad hoc Joomla Problem Fix

Joomla Support - Contracted - Block - Ad Hoc

Support contracts for Joomla websites are currently being used by major religious organizations, European trade association, global trade association, UN subsidiary council, multi million dollar distance learning company, small businesses, SMEs, sole traders and charities.

Our Joomla support contract guarantees priority coverage for clients, meaning any on-going large project work or any on-going ad hoc work stops until contracted clients have had their issue dealt with. According to our current clients - this alone is worth its weight in gold when it comes to site/server down time and any other issues that might harm your business.

Prepaid blocks offer the best of both worlds for certain companies, a discount on price without an ongoing contract. As consultation can be used within the hours this is truly an excellent way of getting your new large website build done at cost, with personal knowledge of how it works and world class Joomla experts on hand to consult and dive in to help.

'Pay as you go' or 'per incident support' of Joomla websites is charged at our standard rate (no discounts), but with absolutely no tie-ins.

Whatever your support needs or problem fixing requirements are, we can tailor a support package for your needs. Just contact us with your list of problems and/or requirements and we will contact you back with our proposal that offers the very best Joomla support available today.

Please choose one of our Joomla support services below - or give us a call to discuss your needs: