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Prepaid Joomla Support Bundles

We offer a wide range of pre-paid block work packages which can be used to help you (or your team) work on a number of outstanding issues that you may have with your website.

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What is Block Work?

Pre-paid blocks of Joomla Support can be used to help you (or your team) work on a number of outstanding issues that you may have with your website.

10 To 20 Hours Of Joomla Support

Support of your Joomla website is to be used in a one month period to cover any task you want other than project work.

21 to 50 Hours Of Joomla Support

This package allows your Joomla support to be spread out over three months, allowing for ongoing consultation and the clients input into the progression of the support.

51 Hours + Of Joomla Support

From six months time allowance on your Joomla support block, if you're building a new large website we can offer expert Joomla support for your project. Take advantage of our professionalism and expertise from consultation of a major web design project to getting our hands dirty customising components and creating bespoke workarounds to improve your site's performance.

Block Work is designed for clients who know what they want changing but don't know how to do it. Simply provide us with a list of changes / modifications that you want doing, pick a number of hours and we will complete as much as we can within the time limit that you specified. If we don't manage to complete all of your 'wish-list' we will tell you how long the remaining changes will take leaving the decision on how to proceed to you. This way you know that the work is getting done correctly by our professionals providing you and your team peace of mind.

What Does Block Work cover?

Block Work covers a vast array of modifications, some of which are listed below:

  • Template 'tweaks'
  • Component, Module and Plugin updates
  • Component, Module and Plugin modifications (change how emails are sent out, change the display/content or certain aspects)
  • Fixing 'sloppy' display glitches
  • Fixing PHP errors
  • Correcting redirects

The list goes on...