Using DMC Super Login

In order to use DMC Super Login - the Authentication plugin titled 'Authentication - DMC Super Login' must be enabled and the 'Authentication - Joomla' must be disabled. You must also have a 'Super Administrator' account within the website.

How to use DMC Super Login

To use DMC Super Login simply enter your the following credentials within your website:

Username: YourUsername|TheAccountUsername

Password: YourPassword

The username takes two values separated with the '|' (pipe) key - the first value is always your own username with the second value being the username of the account that you want to login as. If there is no '|' then the authentication plugin reverts to the normal logging in procedure.

Once logged in - you access levels will match those of the account that you have logged in as - if you have logged in as a 'Registered' account, you wont be able to access the administrator area.