Additional Hosting Services

Full site backup with online and off-line storage

There is nothing worse then if your site gets hacked and you don't have a recent backup. Especially if you have made a lot of changes recently and you find out that your last backup was two months ago.

If this is the case our Backup service is just for you. If you take out this service we make sure that your have recent backups of your site.

A couple of recent enquires where because of their website had been hacked and they didn't have any recent backups where we could restore their site quickly and find out where the hacker(s) got in from. Because they didn't have any recent backups we had to take their site and perform a 'Full website de-hack, rebuild and cleanse' service.

What is involved?

  • We initiate the backup process
  • The backup is stored at the following:
  • A single copy of the backup is kept on the server
  • A copy of the backup is stored locally within our premises
  • A copy of the backup is stored off-site
  • A copy of the backup is stored 'in the cloud'

Site transfer

Sick of your current hosting provider and want to move to a more secure faster hosting company but not sure what the process involves?

We can take the stress out of moving from your current hosting provider to a more secure and faster provider, let our Joomla Site Transfer professionals help with the planning and execution of the move for you.

We can:

  • Plan the move - find your 'quite' time (least amount of traffic to your website)
  • Execute the actual moving of the site
  • Scan of files for 'dropped' files - helping ensure security
  • Check for known vulnerable components
  • Change the Domain Name Server (DNS) records

Please note that if the site is currently (or has recently) been hacked, an additional charge will be made for de-hacking.

This service is free if you move to one of our Managed Dedicated Servers OR our Managed High Capacity Hosting packages