Please note that our documentation is being reviewed due to the release of DMC Firewall for WordPress. The following documentation was written for Joomla! so some of the information will not apply to DMC Firewall for WordPress.

DMC Firewall Feature Comparison

There are two different versions of DMC Firewall, Core (non-commercial) and Professional (commercial).

The Core version provides the same protection against Hack Attempts and SQL Injection Attempts - the core version also provides protection against a number of Bad Bots. The professional version offers more features along with a long list of additional Bad Bots that are blocked from accessing your website.




Bots Banned 8 134
Hack attempts blocked
SQL Injection attempts blocked
Failed logins blocked  
Easily view statistics
Password protect the administrator area  
Easily change your database table prefix  
Easily take a backup of your website if you have Akeeba Backup installed
Perform a 'Health Check' on your Joomla install
Fully remove the security notice  
Content Sniffer - get alerted when bad content is found on your website

We are always looking to improve DMC Firewall so if you have any suggestions/improvements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.