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Does the EU Cookie Law affect me?

If you own or run a website and based within the EU then the answer is yes. The EU Cookie Law, as it is generally being referred, came into affect one year ago on the 26th of May. Due to complexities around the technological issues at that time they gracefully gave a one year deferment where they would not prosecute any company that didn't comply with the law. That year is now up, and all websites are expected to be compliant or moving towards compliance.

A clear understanding of users’ levels of awareness of what cookies are, what they are used for and how they can be managed, is fundamental to any consideration of the level of detail that needs to be provided about cookies, and the way in which the requirement to obtain consent can be satisfied.

A number of websites are already making changes and implementing procedures to make their customers more aware of what cookies are and how cookies are used within their website.

Websites that have already made changes include:

  • 123-reg
  • BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Information Commissioner's Office
  • Directgov

We have developed a system that meets the requirements of this law and are offering the service to you for a low price of £500 per site. We believe that £500 per site is an amazing saving compared to possible fines which you could potentially find yourself paying if you don't comply with the law.

This service includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • A cookie audit
  • Implementation of our customised cookie opt-in script
  • Advice on changes to your Privacy Policy

Call us now for a free no obligation discussion on how we can help you follow the EU Cookie Law.