How To Reset Joomla Article Hits In Joomla 2.5 / 3.x

This article is in response to a Joomla Forum topic asking "How To Reset Article Hits In Joomla 2.5".

This "feature" was standard within Joomla 1.5 but for some reason was deprecated within Joomla 1.6 and upwards. This is most likely because of the high number of changes within the whole platform, basically Joomla was rewritten from the ground up. In this article we will show you how to reset individual article hits AND all article hits with as much ease as possible. Unfortunately, at present the only way to reset article hits is via the Database, most likely PHPMyAdmin which you should be able to access via your Hosting Control Panel, if not, you may want to find a "better hosting provider".

How To Reset Joomla Article Hits - Step One

First we need to log in to our database, this will most likely be a MySQL database using a PHPMyAdmin interface. Once you have logged in click on the 'SQL' link at the top of the screen.

Click here to see where the 'SQL' link is

How To Reset Joomla Article Hits - Step Two

You will now need to run the following SQL command within the "Run SQL query/queries on database (your database name):".

UPDATE `#_content` SET `hits` = 0

Replace the '#' with your table prefix.

The above SQL command will reset ALL article hits. If however you only wanted to reset one article's hits, run the below command:

UPDATE `#_content` SET `hits` = 0 WHERE `id` = *

Replace the '#' with your table prefix AND replace the '*' with the article ID number.

Once you have 'Run' the command you will get a 'Successful' message which looks something like this:

X rows affected. ( Query took 0.0056 sec )